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Here are a few kind words from some
of our clients...


"...knowledge of the body and muscle function is second to none"

"helped me significantly"

"the massage was excellent"

"helped me totally alleviate pain"

"very satisfying and therapeutic experience"

"I felt immediate relief!"

“Having been involved in professional sports and coaching for more than 25 years, massage therapy has played a major role in my life. Finding the right therapist can be a very difficult task,but when you do,results soon follow. I met DJ Hansen several years ago and her knowledge of the body and muscle function is second to none. She has relieved everything from Achilles tendonitis, shoulder, neck and back issues for me, sometimes as soon as 8 hours after I have complete relief. DJ is informative,and has helped with my specific needs including stretching and sport specific massage, she is a major reason that I can still compete today and be successful! As a National Champion, USA Team Coach and a Personal Trainer, I highly recommend DJ to all of my clients.”- Kelley B.

      “As a fitness professional and triathlete,I am no stranger to the occasional muscle strain. As a physical therapist, I am all too familiar with the negative effects that occur when an injury is left untreated. Massage therapy at Beyond Basics Massage and Bodywork, LLC has helped me significantly when recovering from major muscle strains as well as minor muscle stiffness. It has become as integral part of my training.” - Cheryl A.

      “I searched online for a massage therapist in Bedford and was surprised to find a business within 2 miles from my home. Very impressed with the online booking and ease of scheduling from the comfort of my living room at 1AM! The massage was excellent...I'll be returning!” - Nancy N.

      “DJ's skill draws from extensive and on-going training, vast knowledge of how the body works, and powerful intuition. She works with, not on, her clients. Over the past four years, she has helped me totally alleviate pain and prevent injury. She asks questions, listens well, and shares what she knows. The work is never about her or her success, but about my well being. I am grateful to DJ for her expertise and great spirit. She is totally committed to my wellness. I have learned a lot from her, and look forward to continuing to work with her.” - Chris P.

      “The minute you walk into Beyond Basics Massage & Bodywork you know you've come to the right place. Every aspect of your massage has been considered and the attention to detail allows clients to immediately relax upon entering the finely appointed space. The therapists seek to know their clients goals for each massage and their experience and training ensure a very satisfying and therapeutic experience. You'll want to book the next massage before you ever walk out the door.” - Pam W.

      "I met D.J. with back and shoulder pain that I had been enduring for more than a year. I had been to numerous massage therapists and had yet to be fully satisfied - until I met D.J. On my first visit, D.J.'s friendly demeaner and genuine sincerity prompted me to schedule another appointment. Just after one session, I felt immediate relief! D.J. shows incredible concern for my comfort and carefully listens to me before each session to determine an appropriate plan of action. She has extensive knowledge of the muscles and is always able to answer all of my questions in a manner that I can easily understand. I have learned so much from her and highly recommend her!" - Rose G